Deeply rooted in the city of Dortmund, the 112-year history shapes the identity of the club. They hold on to their traditions, but also think progressively. Keeping faith in their principles, the fans, and the homeland. They work hard, are multicultural, and stand up for their social & societal responsibility.

Pure emotion into the Signal Iduna Park

The stadium experience at Borussia Dortmund is unique. The bond and closeness of the club to people are clearly perceptible.

With the emotions, values and qualities many identify themselves

80 K

Highest spectator average worldwide

25 K

Fans on "Yellow Wall" - Europe's biggest standing stage

33 M

Of Germans are thrilled by BVB (Every second)

Experience the pure emotions at Signal Iduna Park as a VIP guest


The best Stadium on the continent (...) every European cup final should be held here

The Times

Borussia Dortmund is the most intense football experience

Maximum energy and deep emotions

Straightforward and combative

Home and family for many

Resilient, proud and confident

8x German Champions, 5x DFB Cup winner, 2x UEFA Champions League winner, 6x Supercup winner

One of the most popular football brands in Germany and worldwide. And the trend also looks good for the future ...


Fastest growing club in Germany and number two worldwide (first is ManCity)

Deloitte UK


Only top European club with positive development of brand strength

Brand Finance Football 50


One of the most powerful brands in world football

Brand Finance Football 50


As a love brand, we don't clash but fascinate the masses



BVB is particularly attractive among the young target group and has been able to attract 5.2% more fans aged 16-34 since 2014



Germany's strongest football brand that does not polarise


More than 270 Million Fans worldwide ...

Brand success with long terms BVB cooperation

Borussia Dortmund knows brand success depends on emotional variables







70% emotional - long time

More than two-thirds of brand success depends on emotional connection. This is built up through long-term measures. So that after a certain time, loyalty than trust in a brand develops.

30% rational - short time

One-third of brand success depends on rationality. These are shorter-term measures. For example:

  • Promotional print

  • Distribution change

  • Price fluctuations

  • Product innovation

  • Advertising print

A large field of thematic worlds for your brand communication

  • Partner content

  • Perimeter Advertising

  • BVB Women

  • BVB eFootball/FIFA in Game

  • Trainer+Staff / Interviews

  • Stadium clothes

  • Media Broadcasts

  • BVB Youth

  • International activities (club cooperations, football posters, Tours abroad, fan events, ...)

  • Social projects such as the "Leuchte Auf" Foundation

  • ...

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KitKat enters the Esports & Gaming space thanks to SPORTFIVE and build a rocket

High media relevance

BVB as a channel to reach millions of people...

TV and Web TV


- 345 Mio. Viewer per saison

- 18 Mrd. TV-Contacts for BVB Partners

+ 140% more (live) viewers in comparison to other Bundesliga clubs

- In more than 200 markets
- More than 90 Mio. Viewer

Digital activation with a flexible budget

More than 51. Mio Social Media Followers (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok + Douyin, YouTube, Twitter, Sina Weibo) and 243.000 active app-user per month.

+ 21% (8 Mio.) Follower from 2020 to 2021

Digital DNA: High engagement on social media channels

- 3.1 Mio Ø reach per upload and 355.000 Ø interaction per upload
- BVB (& Partner) Videos Ø 175.000 Views and 6.73% Engagement rate

- BVB (& Partner) Photos Ø 285.0000 Views and 5.04% Engagement rate

Borussia Dortmund: Platform with high relevance and reach

- No 1 at "Football Content Award" 2020

- Authentic storytelling: Highest BL engagement on social media posts with partners

- First Bundesliga Club with own documentary on Amazon Prime

- Digitally relevant & strong growth

- High social engagement

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