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Partnerships are a powerful way to combine efforts between your brand and a rightsholder. In a world that is changing quickly, new opportunities are needed for success. Find out more about its benefits:

Sponsorships, especially in sports, require financial commitment, but offer valuable benefits. The publicity gained can result in a significant return on investment. This lets you negotiate the measures of success required for your brand and tailor them to your needs – a task in which we can support you perfectly with our know-how.

Business relationships are the keystone of new opportunities and markets. Sponsoring sports clubs or events can help you building new business partnerships that offer a range of benefits. You establish contacts with new customer groups, while also setting your business apart from the competition. SPORTFIVE will help you find the right partners for your brand through a range of leading support services.

Creating new content is an important part of new partnerships and sponsorships – letting you reach new audiences in different and untapped ways. Using innovative social media formats and models, for example, can generate significant reach. With our portfolio of leading content creators, we have the expertise to support our partnerships in creating compelling, thumb-stopping content.

Sponsorships not only strengthen your brand, but also your reputation and standing in the public eye. By spreading positive messages and creating a sense of community, you reach new audiences, including individuals and other significant stakeholders, such as media platforms. This can help carry messages to a wider audience and help to raise profile and reputation quickly and cost-effectively.

The emotion of sport creates long-term bonds between clubs, fans, sponsors and brands. To sustain valuable partnerships in the long term, SPORTFIVE supports clients with access to a large network of relevant stakeholders. That way you can gain new target groups and generate reach, while receiving valuable information about those groups – letting you target precisely and create long-term brand loyalty.

To achieve your pre-established goals, large attention-grabbing sporting events can achieve direct customer loyalty, reach new partners and cement your brand as a reputable and reliable sponsor.

Through a strong network sponsorship of sports teams, you not only reach many people – and thus potentially new customers – you also establish your brand as a far-reaching and prominent partner. This increases the probability that people will associate their sports club with your brand and the unique shared equities between the two.

Balancing the brokering of new, relevant partnerships while maintaining existing ones, is an important part of a successful, authentic and future-oriented strategy. To reach as many people as possible, a large but crucially coordinated network is helpful. SPORTFIVE not only supports you in developing your brand, but can also strategically and creatively connect you with the relevant rightsholders, media platforms and fans to create and facilitate more meaningful sports partnerships.

By choosing events and clubs that are appropriate for your target group, you can make valuable contacts who are interested in strong and sustainable partnerships. And we're here to advise you on your sponsorship strategy at every stage.

Sport sponsorships hold valuable benefits for your brand. By forging new partnerships, you can promote your products and services, whether at events or via social media.

Global sport sponsorship leader.

SPORTFIVE is a global leader in sports sponsorship marketing, here’s a quick snapshot:

+0B €

in global sponsorship marketing spend managed annually


sports in which we manage sponsorship programs and activations around the world


of the world’s biggest naming rights partnerships are managed by us

Our Process

Brand-centric focus transforming your brand reputation.



We start by listening and learning about your objectives and challenges, before undertaking an in-depth analysis of your brand, your target group, your market and your competitors.


Strategy & concept

Together, we determine which activity might best reach your goals. We define the objectives to be achieved and propose the most appropriate strategy, gathering initial ideas about what story to tell and selecting platforms.


Rights selection & acquisition

Which rightsholder is most suited to your company and your targets? We use our extensive experience to select the right partners with the optimized assets for your brand and objectives. In doing so, we rely on our unmatched experience.


Implementation and activation

Sponsorship is most powerful when the acquired rights are also activated and integrated into existing marketing. We help to plan efficiently and create ideas, content and campaigns that excite our clients and their fans.


Success measurement

With our team and the technical capabilities, we can measure the success of your sponsorship – which can be evaluated and optimized in real time.

Our expertise

Driving brand business across sports & entertainment.

We work with some of the largest global brands activating at the most significant events in sports and entertainment – all of which can be used to enhance the performance of our partner brands.

Olympics & Multi-Sport

Olympic Games and multi-sport events captivate the whole world – including us. In this environment, we prioritize forging successful partnerships between all stakeholders, from brands to media…

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Our love for knowledge of the game helps us connect brands, rightsholders, media platforms & fans – resulting in successful and sustainable partnerships that can achieve even the most ambitious goals.

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With 30+ years experience in Golf, we assist athletes, manage partnerships and support emerging talents. Our unique approach blends tradition and innovation for a captivating golf experience.

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Let’s talk about how we can help your brand reach further with the help of some expertly tailored partnership proposals.

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Our difference

Strategy, implementation & analysis in one place.

Brand Consulting

We can optimize your approach to sports, guiding you through finding a suitable partner for your brand and developing a complementary strategy. In addition, we can evaluate existing deals, manage them and offer you support in the procurement, acquisition and negotiation of all further rights.

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We create programs that generate and deserve attention, maximizing loyalty to your partners. Our wide range of activation services include creative strategy & concept development, rights acquisition & negotiation, and events hosting & management. Whether it's a charity, sports or entertainment event, live or virtual.

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Research & Insights

By providing you with data reports and ROI analysis, we can identify and understand the effectiveness and efficiency of your brand activations. We use the insights gained to optimize programs, analyze the competitive landscape, and continuously gain new insights.

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