We Want to Give Back!

SPORTGIVE creates positive, tangible change through the power of sport by education, skill-based employee volunteering, grand funding and expert advice.

As a leading global sports marketing agency, we understand that power, ​and know how to create positive change from it.

Sustainability Through Inspiration

The power of sport comes from its unique ability to inspire and to improve people's lives by physical activity and social participation. ​

A Platform to Create Positive Change

To engage our clients and our staff. ​
To inspire and improve the world through sport.​
To take action.​

The Story So Far

We are taking a step toward a better world by integrating sustainable and charitable actions into our activities. With a clear focus on knowledge and education, health and well-being, and diversity and inclusion, our purpose comes to life through impactful initiatives that make a difference in people's daily lives.

Football for Worldwide Unity

We support Football For Worldwide Unity (FFWU) as part of our long-standing partnership. The charity's mission is to provide youth football coaches with the necessary tools and knowledge to utilize the sport as a catalyst for social change. Since 2021, we have endorsed the organization by offering free office space, expert advice, and an extensive network. Through our collaboration, we empower FFWU to leverage football for positive global impact.

Learn more about what we do with Football for Worldwide Unity

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Together, we are addressing the problem of unhealthy lifestyles, preventing its consequences, and reigniting children's interest in physical activity. Our concept embraces a holistic and inclusive approach, catering to all athletic levels, with a strong focus on motivation and playfulness.

Learn more about what we do with schools

Encouraging Inclusion

SPORTFIVE's support for Special Olympics 2023 extends beyond its involvement as a partner. In a display of wholehearted dedication to this monumental inclusive sports event, SPORTFIVE has allowed its employees to take time out of work to actively engage as volunteers, allowing them to offer their valuable time and expertise to assist in a multitude of essential roles and functions during the course of Berlin 2023.

Learn more about the Corporate Volunteer Program

Creating Equal Opportunities

In tribute to the late tennis icon Arthur Ashe and his tireless commitment to anti-racism, education and social justice, and with the goal of creating authentic opportunities for underrepresented individuals in our industry, SPORTFIVE proudly supports the Arthur Ashe Legacy Fund at UCLA. Through this partnership, our objective is to empower and offer tangible avenues for minorities in our field.

Learn more about what we do with the Artur Ashe Legacy Fund

Our Principles

We have funding dedicated to helping non-profits that align with our sustainability principles. If you have a project that you think SPORTGIVE could help with, please tell us, and we’ll see how we can help. But first, make sure it aligns with our principles below:​


Ensure that our efforts have diversification at the forefront of our thinking with various ethnic and social backgrounds considered.

Projects that incorporate as many people from the selected areas as possible.

The project approach must have a sustainability element included that fulfills the needs of future generations.

Local projects that can still be impactful on a national/global level.

The project must be strictly for social benefit.

Sports is the core of your project?

Let’s cooperate!

Education, charity and inclusivity for our goals by 2030


Trained football instructors in Africa


Job opportunities for people regardless of their race, color or gender


Touchpoints in order to improve inclusion in sports

We are following the United nations SDGs

Good Health & Well-Being
Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all people of all ages.

Gender Equality
Achieving gender equality by ending all forms of discrimination, violence and any harmful practices against women and girls.

Decent Work & Economic growth
Promote lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Reduced Inequalities
Reducing inequality within and among countries.

Partnerships for the goals
As SPORTFIVE, we utilize our unmatched experience and knowledge to advice rightsholders and brands about partnerships with sustainability at its core.

Learn more about our commitment to social and sustainable change.

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