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As a sports marketing agency, we see it as our responsibility to use the potential of sports and the attention we can generate through our platforms to contribute to a healthier society. That is why, in addition to internal efforts, we are pursuing external projects, especially to promote more exercise among children.

A study by the German health insurance DAK has shown that the problem of a lack of physical activity among children and young people is growing due to increasing media consumption and a dwindling number of members in sports clubs. This results in a wide range of consequences, such as reduced physical fitness, postural defects and lower mental performance, as well as late effects in adulthood such as back problems and the earlier onset of cardiovascular diseases.

We want to address this problem and prevent the consequences of physical inactivity among children and adolescents. The goal is to get children and teenagers interested in physical activity again. The concept envisions a holistic and inclusive approach in which everyone can participate, regardless of their athletic level, and the focus lies on the motivational and playful character.

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