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SPORTFIVE is the key partner of today’s top-tier rightsholders, helping them make the most of current opportunities to maximize their brand, thanks to our:

+ 500 k

active brand contacts


sales experts in our global network


integration with local offices

The SPORTFIVE team has an enviable track record in identifying, negotiating and closing some of the most successful deals in the history of sports marketing. 

Here’s legend of the industry and SPORTFIVE consultant Donald Dell, who was involved in two of the biggest sportswear deals the world has ever seen – Adidas Stan Smiths and the unparalleled Nike Air Jordan.

“We were arguing back and forth, and Peter Moore suddenly said something like ‘Air Jordan’. It just popped out of his mouth, and everybody was stunned. It was perfect. It was an endorsement, but it was so new and different, and it just caught on.”

Donald Dell

Our process

Eight steps to identifying the perfect partner.


Lead / Contact

Identifying and understanding our client



First contact & sales story development 



Product or proposal development



Benefit of sponsorship, differentiation



Packaging and pricing, success factors, KPI development


Closed won

Won reasons



Brand KPIs as guiding principle, continuous measurement



Impact & performance measurement


Domestic & Global Partnership Sales

We connect exceptional athletes with the world’s biggest brands for mutually beneficial, sustainable partnerships that get results. 

Personal and Professional Brand building

What defines you as an athlete? What makes you unique off the pitch? What are your values and goals? We develop bespoke profiles, positionings and narratives for all our athletes, helping them to find suitable sponsors, while assisting with legal and contract negotiations. 

Individual Management (additional ancillary services)

We can organize everything from an athlete’s travels to their accounting and invoices, charitable activities and, where appropriate, the development of a foundation. Leaving the athlete free to focus on achieving sporting success.

License Business

Athletes’ clothing lines can be bestsellers – and we’re here to maximize our athletes’ personal brand: through bespoke apparel collections, signature sneakers or further merchandise opportunities. 


Digital collectables can help athletes get closer to their fans and followers. SPORTFIVE can devise the strategic approach, creative execution and distribution of unique NFTs, through the right platform. 

Content Production

We have extensive expertise in creating, producing and publishing world-class content – working with our internal creative agencies, and leading original creators from all over the world. 

Media and PR

To prepare athletes for press and media obligations, we provide expert media and PR training. SPORTFIVE can shape your professional communications and support you with ongoing public relations management. 

Career and Personal Management & Development

We can help athletes with their professional as well as personal development. We offer training and coaching support for many sports, and access to leading sports psychologists. Being so in tune with our athletes’ development lets us adapt and improve and optimize sponsor and partner contracts. 

Social Media Management

For today’s sports stars, social media matters. We’re here to support athletes with all their day-to-day communication with fans and followers through social media and community management. 


Through a localized brand-building and content strategy, we can enhance digital presence, boost athlete engagement outside their home markets – and make the most of commercial opportunities globally. 

Foundations & Fundraisers

It feels good to give something back – so we work with athletes who are interested in starting their own foundation, and can help set up fundraisers for special causes too. 

Farewell Match

We're here to help our athletes bow out in style, with logistics and end-to-end organization, via guest and hospitality management, through to partner and sponsor involvement, for their final performance. 

Post-Career Services

From the moment our athletes step off the pitch or court for the final time, we help them to remain relevant – through the right individual positioning, media and PR partnerships or testimonial deals. 

Our Sports

Where we're ahead of the field.

Olympics & Multi-Sport

Olympic Games and multi-sport events captivate the whole world – including us. In this environment, we prioritize forging successful partnerships between all stakeholders, from brands to media…

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With 30+ years experience in Golf, we assist athletes, manage partnerships and support emerging talents. Our unique approach blends tradition and innovation for a captivating golf experience.

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