Helping Golf Superstar Jon Rahm thrive on and off the course

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Since signing with SPORTFIVE’s industry-leading Golf Division, Jon Rahm has quickly solidified himself as one of the best players in the world.

Since beginning his career, the partnership between Rahm and SPORTFIVE was established to help Jon excel on the golf course and create the key marketing partnerships to expand his brand off it.  As Rahm’s career and stature grew, the agency continued to work closely with him to focus on the game and maximize his opportunities off the course with partners who shared Jon’s values and vision.  

Together we succeeded

Over six years, SPORTFIVE’s partnership with Jon Rahm has helped him grow into one of the best, most marketable players in the game… and together we are just getting started!


Professional wins including the 2023 Masters


weeks as the No 1. player in the world


Marketing Partnerships helping to make Rahm one of the highest paid players in golf

The challenge

In 2016 SPORTFIVE signed one of the most dynamic young players in amateur golf, Jon Rahm.  Rahm joined SPORTFIVE’s industry-leading Golf Talent Division out of Arizona State University, where he was ranked No. 1 in the World Amateur Golf Ranking and became the only two-winner in the history of the sport of the Ben Hogan Award for excellence in golf and academics. 

Upon turning professional, the agency looks to put together a young player’s schedule and create the key relationships that support a golfer’s career, including equipment and apparel partnerships. In addition, SPORTFIVE works to help the player focus on developing their game, helping to minimize the obligations a professional athlete has on day-to-day basis. As he hails from Spain, Rahm also became an active member of both the PGA TOUR and the DP World Tour, making his tournament schedule more robust.

As Rahm’s professional career developed, he swiftly found success on the golf course.  He earned his PGA Tour card in just four starts becoming one of only eight players to do so without playing on a developmental tour. He also became the youngest ever winner of the Farmers Insurance Open. 

He soon became widely recognized as one of the best young players in the game, and Rahm’s marketing portfolio began to rival his successes on the course. The agency’s role in representing the best young player in the game was to create the partnerships with brands that align with Jon’s persona values, are invested in his long-term future and are supportive of his goal to be the best player in the world.   


“From the first day of turning pro, the team at SPORTFIVE have given me tremendous support in helping me maximize both my golf potential and my marketing opportunities. Golf is an individual sport, but every player has a team behind them that helps them excel and I appreciate everything the great team at SPORTFIVE has done to help me build my career.”

Jon Rahm

Our solution

SPORTFIVE has worked closely with Jon over the last six years to help him thrive on the course, assist with all the marketing responsibilities that come with being a top professional athlete and create the marketing partnerships that have made him one of the most marketable players in the game today.

The agency works closely with Jon on his schedule to every year to ensure he’s playing the right tournaments – including the four Major Golf Championships – to compete everywhere a top player in the world should.

Jon’s success on the course truly speaks for itself.  Since turning professional in 2016 he has won 20 tournaments, including two Major Championships (US Open 2021, The Masters 2023). Rahm also played a pivotal role in leading the European team to victory in 2018 Ryder Cup in France.   

SPORTFIVE also leads all efforts in the development of Rahm’s partner relationships. It takes a long-term approach to ensure all partners are a match for Jon’s values and have a shared vision of how they want to work together.  Through years of building relationships, Rahm is now one of the most marketable players in all of golf and has a partnership roster with blue chip companies such as BlueYonder, Callaway, Mercedes-Benz, Rolex, Silverleaf, TravisMathew, and VistaJet.  

“It’s been amazing to watch Jon’s career development since turning professional. His ascension to quickly becoming one of the best players in the world and most marketable stars in the game has been truly amazing to watch. Jon is as driven as any young player I’ve ever seen and we proud to be part of his team to help him reach even greater heights in the future.”

Steve Loy, Co-President, Americas, SPORTFIVE

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