A Perfect Match: Schweinsteiger & Ivanovic for BRAX

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Ana Ivanovic and Bastian Schweinsteiger are probably the dream couple of competitive sports. And since January 2020, the two have been brand ambassadors for the Herford in Germany-based fashion company Brax, for which, as with more and more companies, the topics of sustainability and rejuvenation are becoming increasingly important. 


How can a traditional brand be rejuvenated without scaring away the existing target group of advanced age? This was the challenge facing fashion manufacturer Leineweber GmbH & Co. KG with its BRAX brand. The company, which operates in a more traditional way, decided to take a new approach to marketing and launched an athlete partnership: with football world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger and French Open winner Ana Ivanović. 

SPORTFIVE solution

For BRAX, it was clear after a short time that the partnership with Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Ivanović was a "perfect match". Brand awareness, especially among the younger target group, was significantly increased after only a short time. For this purpose, the brand ambassadors were placed at Berlin Fashion Week 2020 in the presence of relevant media, trade/business partners and influencers, as well as at other events. The advertising materials were placed as rebranding elements in 63 international stores and a young, modern "Bastian & Ana Capsule Collection" was launched. The campaign also made its way into specialty stores: a convincing POS branding was also initiated at Breuninger, P&C and Co. On a digital level, the campaign was activated in numerous digital and social media. 

Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Ivanović emotionalize the brand and represent it in a down-to-earth and empathetic way at the same time. BRAX is perceived in the target group as a modern, sustainable and high-quality brand.

Results of the campaign

All goals of the cooperation were achieved: BRAX was able to gain percentage points in all important brand attributes through the athlete partnership.


of connoisseurs of the athlete partnership rated Brax as very likeable or rather likeable (67% among connoisseurs of the brand)


Impressions on Instagram after four weeks (72 Posts with 139k interactions)


of those under 40 had noticed the partnership on social media or through online advertising.

"Bastian and Ana perfectly represent our three brand values - stylish, smart, and passionate. They are the 'perfect match' to further rejuvenate our target group and emotionalize our brand in an empathetic and down-to-earth way."

Marc Freyberg, Managing Director at BRAX

Campaign impressions

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