Finally, after a thrilling World Cup, it's back to business! On January 20, 2023, the Bundesliga kicks off with the top duel between record champions FC Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig. On January 27, the second leg of the 2nd Bundesliga kicks off. The anticipation is rising for a great and unique atmosphere, enthusiastic spectators and shared experiences.

Hospitality creates shared memories

Sports events always manage to bring people together and connect them in a special and unique way. Above all, the emotionality ensures that people understand each other across cultures and differences. But not only sports events create a great atmosphere. Dancing together to the songs of your favorite artist with like-minded people and singing along at the top of your voice make for equally unforgettable moments. At events, hospitality offers the perfect framework for creating shared memories, both privately and in business.

Events bring people together

Hospitality experiences are associated with exclusivity: Instead of waiting in long lines, there is a separate entrance for you with access to the hospitality areas - up to 2 hours before the event. In the hospitality area you can enjoy the match day with selected food and drinks and follow the action on the pitch from the best perspective. Before the game or event is the perfect time to strengthen bonds among business partners or with clients, before enjoying the event together, and then ending the evening together. In addition, these experiences also offer the opportunity to strengthen satisfaction and cohesion within one's own team.

An evening away from the hustle and bustle

But it's not all about business: a visit to the hospitality areas is also a special way to show what your loved ones mean to you on a private level. The evening is completely stress-free and after the event you can still sit together and enjoy the time together away from the stress of everyday life.

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