Convincing recipe for success: HSV and Popp Feinkost

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How a medium-sized company from Northern Germany gets involved with Hamburger SV

Popp Feinkost and HSV, they just go hand in hand: In the 2017/2018 Bundesliga season, the medium-sized company from Kaltenkirchen in Schleswig-Holstein became the sleeve sponsor of the then Bundesliga dinosaur. Furthermore, Popp Feinkost is particularly involved in the youth development of Hamburger SV.

The Challenge

Medium-sized companies are of outstanding importance to their region (and beyond): They develop advanced products, are important employers, create identity, have a direct influence on economic development in the region and are often sponsors of social projects. In terms of external perception, these hidden champions are often underestimated. As a result, their entrepreneurial potential is not fully exploited. For this to succeed, entrepreneurs must master the typical challenges of small and medium-sized businesses: Attracting skilled workers, increasing awareness beyond regional borders, and holding their own against national and international competitors. For these reasons, Popp Feinkost has decided to become involved with Hamburger SV. 

The SPORTFIVE solution

For the 2017/2018 Bundesliga season, Popp Feinkost became a sleeve partner of HSV. In addition to its presence on the sleeve of the HSV jersey, Popp Feinkost is featured in the Volksparkstadion on stadium stands and Popp Feinkost fan seats. And: From now on, the partnership, which has been extended until the summer of 2024, will be strengthened by the new and exclusive Power Pack on the two LED stands. Further activations of the partnership will continue to take place as part of home game and fan events. 

Impressions of the partnership


After just one year of the partnership, brand awareness had increased significantly among the club's fans and thus also in the local environment (Source: Nielsen Household panel March 2018 – February 2019)


general awareness of Popp Feinkost among HSV fans (41% among football enthusiasts)


regional preference for Popp Feinkost among HSV fans (31% total population)


of the companies want to increase their awareness with a sleeve partnership

"This successful partnership is a significant, sustainable step for us and a commitment to the region. We are pleased that our brand awareness has visibly increased in recent years."

Alexander Schmolling, Marketing Manager of Popp Feinkost GmbH

What's in it for you?

Medium-sized companies are regional cornerstones, yet their potential often goes unnoticed. Valuable lessons can be drawn from the collaboration between Popp Feinkost and Hamburger SV. Strategic sponsorship strengthens regional ties and expands brand awareness beyond borders.

The partnership highlights the typical challenges faced by medium-sized businesses, such as talent acquisition and competitiveness. Solid sponsorship can serve as a targeted response in this regard. The long-term partnership ensures sustainable brand presence and enhancement.

Measuring success through specific metrics allows for a precise evaluation of the commitment. This partnership demonstrates that strategic cooperation not only yields short-term visible results but also enables long-term brand strengthening. It serves as a guide for future collaborations to unlock the full potential of medium-sized companies and achieve both regional and national presence.

"HSV offers Popp a year-round, authentic and high-reach marketing platform in regional and national competition and also serves as a basis for entering into an emotional dialogue with HSV supporters."

Tim Steinhaus, Vice President Regional & Team Sales at SPORTFIVE

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