At the IHF Men's World Championship, 32 teams from all over the world - including top European teams such as Sweden, Germany, Spain, Norway, Denmark and France - will compete in a total of 112 matches until the new world champion is crowned on January 29 in Stockholm's Tele2 Football Arena. With one million expected visitors and a thrilling final round held in a football stadium, the 2023 IHF World Men’s Championship will bring the sport of handball to an all new level.

The IHF Women's Handball World Championship will be held in Denmark, Norway and Sweden from November 30 to December 17. Here, too, 32 teams will compete against each other in 112 games. In addition to the host countries, the top nations France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands are confirmed as participants.

Hosted in Europe, loved wordwide

The IHF Men's World Championship 2023 will create excitement all around the world.


countries will broadcast the IHF Men's World Championship 2023


broadcasting stations worldwide


viewers, cumulated audience

The perfect moment for a partnership

As IHF's exclusive agency for the marketing and media rights for all IHF's World Championships until 2031, SPORTFIVE has created the most exclusive sponsorship platform ever. Our new clean venue concept will ensure that handball becomes a premium platform for only a limited amount of partners.

Global, live & free to air

With one million expected visitors, TV broadcasts in almost 200 countries and an expected global reach of almost 1.2 billion viewers, the IHF Men's World Championship will be a must-see for all handball fans and interested parties. In Germany, ARD and ZDF will broadcast the German team's games on free TV. In other European handball strongholds such as Sweden, France, Norway and Denmark, SPORTFIVE, as the marketing partner for the media rights, was also able to guarantee broadcasting on free TV. Top ratings and TV coverage are to be expected!

"Together with the power of SPORTFIVE, we have set ourselves ambitious goals and want to lift the world's most important handball tournaments to a new level."

Dr. Hassan Moustafa, President IHF

One of the most popular sports

+154% Growth rate since 2019
+83% Growth rate since 2019
+83% Growth rate since 2019
+69% Growth rate since 2019
+137% Growth rate since 2019

Strong, approachable and down-to-earth

Handball inspires millions of fans worldwide.

Big stage for women's handball

When three scandinavian countries prepare their most beautiful venues, it is time for the 2023 IHF Women's World Cup. More than 105 countries will broadcast the games.

  • Malmö (13,000 seats)

  • Gothenburg (12,300 seats)

  • Herning (12,500 seats)

  • Kolding (5,000 seats)

  • Oslo (5,500 seats)

  • Helsingborg (4,700 seats)

  • Trondheim (8,800 seats)

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