Published on July 7th, 2022

Location: Germany

SPVGG GREUTHER FÜRTH will work even more closely with SPORTFIVE in the future

Even last season, the club was able to benefit from SPORTFIVE’s national and international contacts in the field of perimeter advertising when this marketing specialist brokered individual partnerships in this space for the cloverleaves.

In collaboration and as part of a joint acquisition, hearing-aid manufacturer Signia was recently announced as the club’s new sleeve sponsor. 

Further collaboration between SPVGG Greuther Fürth and SPORTFIVE  

From this season on, this collaboration will be taken up a notch, with SPORTFIVE setting up its own pure sales team that will work with sales colleagues at the cloverleaves to broker partnerships that add value for the club. As part of this, the club will benefit from the team’s strong sales skills: the intention is to use this strong national presence to generate supra-regional partnerships, too, although it will retain all the marketing rights. 

Expansion of existing partnerships to include further regions

“We have constructed a large, loyal network of partners, but it has a heavily regional focus. The hope is that this collaboration will now help us obtain further partners for our club – primarily ones that are supra-regional,” explains Managing Director Holger Schwiewagner, who states: “Our partners are extremely satisfied, and we have our great sponsorship team and our lived values, in particular, to thank for that. As a result, the discussions weren’t about changing things that were working well, but rather about tapping into new potential for us. This led to a collaboration that suits us and our journey and will help with our further development.” 

Hendrik Schiphorst, Managing Director at SPORTFIVE Germany adds: “We held very open talks with SPVGG GREUTHER FÜRTH and developed a promising model that enables partnerships to be brokered for the club across Germany, thanks to SPORTFIVE’s marketing expertise. I am delighted that SPORTFIVE colleagues can now take their seats in a joint sales team to generate the best results for the cloverleaves.” 

"Our partners are extremely satisfied, and we have our great sponsorship team and our lived values, in particular, to thank for that."

Holger Schwiewagner, Managing Director, Greuther Fürth


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