Published on August 21st, 2023

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Overwatch® 2 & AriZona collaboration introduces Limited Edition bottle designs in Germany

London – 21 August – AriZona, the fast-growing, US number 1 selling iced tea and juice company, are thrilled to announce a collaboration with leading video-game Overwatch® 2, introducing a range of Limited Edition AriZona x Overwatch 2 bottles in two delicious flavours.

On 10 August the brand released their Limited Edition, 500ml, 1L and 1.5L packages, in two delicious flavours — AriZona Peach Tea and AriZona Green Tea with Honey.

Each flavour will feature six multidesign sleeves, showcasing six different Overwatch heroes, across 500ML, 1L, and 1.5L bottles. That's a total of twelve limited edition Overwatch Heroes to collect across the two flavours.

The Overwatch 2 x AriZona Iced Tea collaboration will be available to all customers in Germany, from retail to convenience to wholesale, until 31 December 2023.  With twelve unique Overwatch Hero designs to be collected, fans will need to keep their eyes peeled to complete the set!

More than a collectable – each Overwatch 2 x AriZona iced tea will also include an amazing gift with a unique code inside the cap. Enter the code on the website,, and fans will instantly receive a prize!

The best part is, everyone is a winner, as each code guarantees a prize of in-game Overwatch 2 items, including skins, player icons, voice lines, sprays, and victory poses. There is also a chance to win a fourth-generation console as part of the monthly prize draws for those who purchase a bottle. 

The partnership between AriZona and Activision Blizzard was brokered by SPORTFIVE, with the agency also providing strategic support for the campaign.

"This limited-edition collaboration is a celebration of our joint taste and creativity, uniting the world of beverages and gaming in a way that truly resonates with our fans."

Spencer Vultaggio, Chief Marketing Officer at AriZona EU

Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play shooter featuring 30+ epic heroes, each with game-changing abilities. Choose your hero, group up with your friends and battle across all-new maps and modes in the ultimate team-based shooter. The game is developed and published by Activision Blizzard and was released in October 2022 as a sequel to the immensely popular Overwatch.

So, get ready and start collecting the in-game items from AriZona x Overwatch 2 bottles, and don't miss your chance to win fantastic prizes in the exciting raffle.

Spencer Vultaggio, Chief Marketing Officer at AriZona EU said: "We're excited to team up with Overwatch 2 to bring their gaming magic to our iconic packages. This limited-edition collaboration is a celebration of our joint taste and creativity, uniting the world of beverages and gaming in a way that truly resonates with our fans."


    SPORTFIVE is a global sports marketing agency that delivers customer-centric solutions based on trust and transparency, deep industry experience and global relationships, digital intelligence and innovation. SPORTFIVE strategically and creatively connects brands, rightsholders, media platforms and fans to create and enable contemporary partnerships in sports.

    While creating and growing long-term value for all, SPORTFIVE often leads the sports business into the future through innovative digital solutions and strives to be the most progressive and respected partner in sports.

    Being at the centre of professional sport SPORTFIVE will use its unique position, in order to make a positive contribution to sustainability and to live up to the social and economic duty and responsibility, which sport and consequently all parties involved, also have. SPORTFIVE operates with a global mindset and network of over 1,200 local experts based in 15 countries around the world, active in Football, Golf, Esports, Motorsport, Handball, Tennis, American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Olympics and Multi-Sport Events and many more.

  • About Activision Blizzard

    Activision Blizzard’s mission, to connect and engage the world through epic entertainment has never been more important. Through communities rooted in their video game franchises, the company enables hundreds of millions of people to experience joy, thrill and achievement.

    As a member of the Fortune 500 and as a component company of the S&P 500, Activision Blizzard has an extraordinary track record of delivering superior shareholder returns for over 30 years. The sustained success has enabled the company to support corporate social responsibility initiatives that are directly tied to its franchises. As an example, the Call of Duty Endowment has helped find employment for over 90,000 veterans.

    Learn more information about Activision Blizzard and how they connect and engage the world through epic entertainment on the company´s website,

  • About AriZona

    AriZona Beverages, founded in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1992, is proud to be a family owned and operated American company. AriZona's mission is to offer top quality beverages in uniquely designed packages that are accessible and affordable.

    AriZona Beverages — makers of the number one ready-to-drink Iced Tea in America — holds a unique position in the global beverage industry with its iconic $0.99 big can and "keeping it real" no frills approach to the consumer market. AriZona never pays for glitzy advertising campaigns to gain consumer loyalty and is constantly ahead of the curve, carving out trends without the use of focus groups and market research. With a loyal following across various demographics, AriZona pulls its own inspiration from its fierce social media following and devoted fan base. To learn more about AriZona please visit

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