Published on September 9th, 2022

Location: France

NAF declares its love for women's football becoming a partner of the Olympique Lyonnais women's team

As a partner of passionate women, NAF NAF accompanies them every day to make their talent and uniqueness shine! And it is now in women's football that the brand is affirming this commitment.

Always on the lookout for inspiring collaborations, NAF NAF was accompanied by the international sports marketing agency SPORTFIVE to sign its very first sports partnership contract with the Olympique Lyonnais women's team, the most successful team in Europe. A way of celebrating its Mad Love for these strong and combative players, who make hearts soar and who demonstrate that strength of character is a great female value!


Olympique Lyonnais: the benchmark for women's football in Europe

Women's football is a fast-growing sport, with nearly 200,000 players in France1. And it is a sport that is increasingly attractive, as shown by the recent craze for UEFA Women's Euro England 2022, watched by more than 500,000 spectators and millions of television viewers in Europe. Although the sport originated in England in the 19th century, it was not recognised by the French Football Federation until 1970 and then by UEFA in 1984. In France, Olympique Lyonnais is one of the pioneers and major players in its development. Created in 2004, the women's team is today the most successful club in Europe: 8-time winner of the Champions League, including the 2022 edition, holder of 15 French Championship titles and 9 French Cups.      

Champions to embody the NAF NAF spirit 

A symbol of women's empowerment, women's football is the perfect embodiment of NAF NAF values. Indeed, the brand regularly highlights the careers of women who dare to leave the beaten track and assume their passions, without worrying about preconceived notions. Beyond the boundaries of fashion, it helps them to break free from codes and to follow their desires. It is therefore with great enthusiasm that it has become a major partner of one of the greatest women's football teams in Europe, Olympique Lyonnais.

Olympique Lyonnais x Naf Naf: more than a partnership...   

With the NAF NAF logo placed on the top back of the jerseys, the OL champions will wear the brand's colours on the pitch.  Away from the stadiums, but still in the spotlight, they will also be ambassadors for the brand, which will offer them new venues to promote their discipline. As soon as the Championship resumes, a first photoshoot will be held at Groupama Stadium, the home stadium of Olympique Lyonnais. A very "fashionable" photoshoot that will put the spotlight on top-level sportswomen.

The arrival of Naf Naf, an eminently creative and recognised brand, in the environment of the Olympique Lyonnais women's team is a testament to the growing interest in women's sport and the values of commitment embodied by our players.

Thierry Sauvage, Managing Director Olympique Lyonnais

Laetitia Mendes, Communication and Image Director Naf Naf : "Through this partnership, we want to remind you of our admiration for the incredible career of these great players. Free and independent, they are inspiring role models for all NAF NAF women: "tough guys" who assert their power as much as their femininity

Thierry Sauvage, Managing Director Olympique Lyonnais, says : "The arrival of Naf Naf, an eminently creative and recognised brand, in the environment of the Olympique Lyonnais women's team is a testament to the growing interest in women's sport and the values of commitment embodied by our players. We are convinced that the interaction between our two brands will enhance the value of our athletes and highlight the role and admirable achievements of top-level sportswomen.”

Selçuk Yilmaz and Luc Mory, Directors of the Naf Naf brand underline: "This partnership is an excellent opportunity to revive the DNA of the Naf Naf brand from the 1980s. Today, the Olympique Lyonnais players perfectly embody the positive spirit, the freedom and the joyful audacity that made the Naf Naf reputation. Together, we will make this new energy shine.”

We are very happy and proud to have accompanied NAF NAF and Olympique Lyonnais in the realization of this major partnership with one of the best women's football teams in Europe. This is a first sporting partnership for the brand and one that is full of meaning. We wish every success to this new partnership as well as to OL Women’s team, which begins the competition this weekend with its first league match.

Laurent Moretti, Managing Director France of SPORTFIVE


    SPORTFIVE is a global sports marketing agency that delivers customer-centric solutions based on trust and transparency, deep industry experience and global relationships, digital intelligence and innovation. SPORTFIVE strategically and creatively connects brands, rightsholders, media platforms and fans to create and enable contemporary partnerships in sports.

    While creating and growing long-term value for all, SPORTFIVE often leads the sports business into the future through innovative digital solutions and strives to be the most progressive and respected partner in sports.

    Being at the centre of professional sport SPORTFIVE will use its unique position, in order to make a positive contribution to sustainability and to live up to the social and economic duty and responsibility, which sport and consequently all parties involved, also have. SPORTFIVE operates with a global mindset and network of over 1,200 local experts based in 15 countries around the world, active in Football, Golf, Esports, Motorsport, Handball, Tennis, American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Olympics and Multi-Sport Events and many more.


    A football club founded in 1950 and chaired by Jean-Michel Aulas since 1987, Olympique Lyonnais has won 21 titles (including a record 7 consecutive French Championship titles) with the club's men's team, which has made 26 appearances in European competitions over the last 30 years, and 34 with the women's team (15 French Championship titles, 9 French Cups and 8 UEFA Women's Champions League titles, and 2 Women's Champions Trophies).
    This approach to parity is also reflected in the creation of its mixed Academy, whose U19s won the Gambardella Cup in 2022.
    Since the inauguration of its new stadium in January 2016, Olympique Lyonnais has, like the biggest European clubs, a 100% private, ultra-modern and multi-functional stadium, open 365 days a year, which is part of the overall OL Vallée project, a venue for entertainment events in sporting, artistic, cultural and corporate fields, which will be enriched in 2023 with a 16,000-seat arena.

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