Published on October 24th, 2023

Location: Hungary

Groupama extends stadium naming rights deal with FTC

Groupama Insurance Ltd. has extended its contract with Ferencvárosi Torna Club and SPORTFIVE Hungary Ltd., therefore, the official name of the facility will continue to be the Groupama Arena until 2029. The parties proudly celebrate their naming partnership, which has been in place since 2014 and is widely considered to be the longest and most significant collaboration in the history of Ferencváros.

Ferencváros has achieved its greatest successes in recent years in Groupama Arena, which is one of Europe's most modern sports facilities. The club have won the national championship a record breaking 34-times with five of those titles coming in the last five seasons. This is also the club where the only Hungarian Ballon d’Or winner Albert Flórián played.

The relationship between Groupama, Ferencváros TC and SPORTFIVE is not just a simple sponsorship agreement but has evolved into a true partnership over the years. The excellent rapport between the parties is crucial for maintaining and strengthening this long-term collaboration. For Groupama, the title sponsor role is one of the most valuable forms of partnership in sports, which comes with outstanding recognition for the company.

"We are proud to sponsor the arena that has been the home of the most successful Hungarian football team since 2014.The club's values are in harmony with Groupama's also over 100-year-old traditions, in which the role of the community, the respect for traditions, and at the same time, the ability to innovate, are of paramount importance. Thanks to the support, Groupama has become one of the most recognized brand names in the country, closely associated with the sports successes experienced at Groupama Arena” said Alexandre Jeanjean, the CEO of Groupama Insurance.

"We cannot thank Groupama Insurance enough for their support of Ferencvárosi Torna Club since 2011. They have been our first significant sponsor and have stood by our side ever since. We are grateful for their renewed trust, and we sincerely hope that our collaboration will continue to be fruitful. Our men's football team achieves its success year after year in Groupama Arena, winning league titles and reaching the group stages of international cups. We wish that, just like the relationship between the two parties and this series will continue uninterrupted for a long time," said Gábor Kubatov, President of FTC.

"Our goal is to create value through partnerships."

András Igaz, CEO of SPORTFIVE Hungary Ltd.

The parties are committed to elevating their collaboration to a higher level and providing experiences that strengthen fan engagement across various areas. Thanks to the title rights, the stadium and the Groupama brand have become a unified entity, offering the best possible experience to both fans and the parties involved.

"For SPORTFIVE, as the exclusive sponsorship and marketing agency of Ferencvárosi Torna Club, it is of high importance to connect the club and the sponsors, keep them together, and represent the interests of both parties while maximizing the opportunities within the collaboration. Our goal is to create value through partnerships. Since the opening of Groupama Arena in 2014, we have organized numerous events, where we aim to provide professional service to the Hungarian record champion football team and ensure the satisfaction of our fans and partners on a daily basis," said András Igaz, CEO of SPORTFIVE Hungary Ltd.

This new, long-term sponsorship collaboration is a great example of how such a successful and long-lasting partnership can be established between two different sectors.


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