Published on November 17th, 2022

Location: Germany

ADEPT becomes new chair partner of creator collective SQVAD

Gaming chair manufacturer ADEPT becomes SQVAD's new and first partner. Providing SQVAD members with high-quality chairs, a customized product line for fans, and a variety of on- and offline activations are just a few components of the collaboration.

SQVAD and ADEPT will also collaborate on several sustainability initiatives in the coming months. The co-operation partners are united in their ambition to use their own reach to draw attention to various CSR projects. The partnership was brokered by the international sports marketing agency SPORTFIVE.

"We are convinced that we have found a partner in SQVAD who shares our vision, and we look forward to a successful partnership!"

Markus Holzwig, ADEPT Marketing Director

ADEPT develops and produces individual gaming chairs that are precisely designed to meet the needs and requirements of demanding gamers. At the same time, the company focuses on climate-neutral manufacturing of the products through partnerships and special production processes. Just a few months after release, the chairs are already among the best in terms of gaming equipment. Great importance is also attached to the customizability of the products as well as health aspects, such as a particularly high degree of back protection.

With SQVAD, ADEPT has concluded another partnership with a signaling effect. The cooperation with content creators is also based on the claim to continuously improve and develop products together. SQVAD members will be the first to use the specially developed SQVAD chair - a limited number of the launch edition will also be raffled off to the SQVAD community.

The extended SQVAD line-up for the current season with Proownez, Wakez and Nheisen not only feels comfortable in the FIFA titles, but with their interest in lifestyle, fashion and music generates high view numbers on their own social media channels and forms the optimal basis for ADEPT to become known in a large community.

Making gaming accessible to all

ADEPT is looking forward to the partnership. Markus Holzwig, Marketing Director ADEPT comments: "SQVAD has joined SPORTFIVE as a new creator project to bring a breath of fresh air to the scene and diversify it. Our approach at ADEPT is a very similar one: not only do we bring innovative chairs to gamers homes, but we work with dedication to make gaming accessible to all. We are convinced that we have found a partner in SQVAD who shares our vision, and we look forward to a successful partnership!"

"We want to use our reach and the influence of our creators to draw attention to social, ecological and cultural projects and partners."

Marcel Sandrock, SPORTFIVE Senior Director Global Esports & Gaming

Sustainability and gaming hand in hand

Marcel Sandrock, Senior Director Global Esports & Gaming / Business Development at SPORTFIVE, adds: "You almost get the feeling that sustainability and gaming are two parallel worlds that merely exist side by side. Many gaming creators out there haven't actively addressed the topic either. This is why our first partnership announcement with ADEPT is so special. We want to use our reach and the influence of our creators to draw attention to social, ecological and cultural projects and partners. Entertaining with cool content and delivering added value at the same time is not a contradiction. Together with ADEPT, we are bringing very stylish gaming chairs to the market that are also produced sustainably and climate-neutrally - a win-win for all parties."


    SPORTFIVE is a global sports marketing agency that delivers customer-centric solutions based on trust and transparency, deep industry experience and global relationships, digital intelligence and innovation. SPORTFIVE strategically and creatively connects brands, rightsholders, media platforms and fans to create and enable contemporary partnerships in sports.

    While creating and growing long-term value for all, SPORTFIVE often leads the sports business into the future through innovative digital solutions and strives to be the most progressive and respected partner in sports.

    Being at the centre of professional sport SPORTFIVE will use its unique position, in order to make a positive contribution to sustainability and to live up to the social and economic duty and responsibility, which sport and consequently all parties involved, also have. SPORTFIVE operates with a global mindset and network of over 1,200 local experts based in 15 countries around the world, active in Football, Golf, Esports, Motorsport, Handball, Tennis, American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Olympics and Multi-Sport Events and many more.

  • About ADEPT

    ADEPT is a young startup that manufactures high-quality gaming chairs in Germany. All products are climate neutral and made from recycled materials where possible. In addition to resource conservation and climate protection, ADEPT attaches importance to promoting inclusion and diversity in gaming and esports. And that seems to be catching on: Despite being on the market for only 12 weeks, ADEPT already has a roster of 50+ content creators, partnerships with renowned teams and, above all, a lot more to come.

  • About SQVAD

    SQVAD is an organically growing creator collective that uses individual activation and content ideas to tell stories together with partners. With the signing of three experienced and wide-reaching creators who have been good friends for years, SQVAD has been following a consistent path of further development since October 2022.

     Through the unique partner network, the stories around SQVAD are not limited to esports and gaming. The team members attend soccer matches, are guests at concerts and interact with the latest fashion trends - the diverse fields of interest of Gen-Y and Gen-Z are thus united within one platform and made tangible.

    The concept is rounded off by the company's own conviction to develop a strong social attitude and to communicate this. SQVAD will be the first creator collective to offer such a big stage and strong voice to topics and partners for social, cultural and ecological messages.

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