Published on October 11th, 2023

Location: China

SPORTFIVE Facilitates HECATE's Official Partnership with EDG VALORANT

SPORTFIVE announces the official partnership between HECATE, EDIFIER's Professional Esports Label and EDG VALORANT, marking a significant collaboration in the world of professional esports.

HECATE has been named the official audio category partner of EDG VALORANT, a move that underscores their commitment to elevating the gaming experience and expanding into new market segments. Together, they aim to enhance the performance capabilities of professional team members while exploring the dynamic realm of gaming.

As part of this exciting partnership, HECATE will receive extensive brand exposure through EDG's official social media promotions, on-course product placements and event promotions, further solidifying its brand presence both in China and globally.

HECATE, as the official partner of EDG VALORANT, is dedicated to fostering a gaming environment where players can explore with passion. They embody the spirit of innovation and professionalism, continually striving to provide top-tier gaming peripherals for esports players. HECATE has already launched a range of products, including speakers and headphones and continues to develop diverse offerings that cater to the unique needs of players across various gaming scenarios. The aim is to explore the endless possibilities within esports.

In recent years, EDG VALORANT has made a significant impact on the international esports stage, repeatedly breaking records and fighting several champions. Their fearless and daring spirit aligns seamlessly with HECATE's ethos of relentless exploration. Together, they aim to demonstrate that in the world of VALORANT gaming, bold expectations can yield remarkable results.

Looking ahead, HECATE and the EDG team are poised to write a new chapter in the world of FPS gaming, embracing an internationalized vision. Their goal is to share the exhilarating charm of FPS gaming with a global audience, making it more accessible to enthusiasts worldwide.

HECATE, the professional gaming brand of EDIFIER, was conceived to cater to the personalized demands of the new generation of esports gamers. HECATE has a history of forging partnerships with top-tier esports organizations, including JDG and the Wolves Esports Honor of Kings team, solidifying its presence in the esports landscape.

"We believe that this collaboration will not only help HECATE expand its user base in emerging gaming circuits but also build meaningful connections with Generation Z gamers worldwide."

Jerry Wang, Managing Director of SPORTFIVE Greater China

Jerry Wang, Managing Director of SPORTFIVE Greater China, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, "We are honored to facilitate HECATE's Official Partnership with EDG VALORANT. We believe that this collaboration will not only help HECATE expand its user base in emerging gaming circuits but also build meaningful connections with Generation Z gamers worldwide. Together, we will enhance the extraordinary experiences of esports players and contribute to the thriving development of China's esports industry."

Since its establishment in July 2020, EDG VALORANT has achieved remarkable success, clinching the championship at the Huya Pre-Star event shortly after its inception. In 2022, the team secured back-to-back victories in the FGC VALORANT ACT tournament, earning a spot in the world tournament. In the 2022 VALORANT CHAMPIONS Istanbul Global Championship, EDG distinguished itself as the only Chinese team selected to participate in the international stage, showcasing their potential on a global scale. The team's journey continued in the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Masters Tokyo, where they achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first Chinese team to reach the playoffs of an international Valorant tournament, reaffirming the rising power of Chinese esports.

This partnership between HECATE and EDG VALORANT marks a pivotal moment in the esports industry, combining the innovative spirit of both entities to further elevate the gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide. The future of esports is brighter than ever, with HECATE and EDG VALORANT leading the way into uncharted territory.


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