VOLKSWAGEN guest Management at UEFA EURO 2020

How SPORTFIVE implemented the VW Guest ID and created a 360° guest Management for thousands of guests during the UEFA EURO 2020 across Europe.

As one of the main sponsors of the UEFA EURO 2020 and the DFB national team, the world's number one car manufacturer is leveraging its long-standing football tradition. 

This engagement mainly served as a communication platform for the market launch of the ID. family, which is the face of Volkswagen’s new e-mobility family from 2020 onward. Therefore, Volkswagen commissioned SPORTFIVE to develop and implement a global ticketing concept which includes all on-site guest experience measures. Together with Volkswagen HQ we developed all parts of the guest journey including Ticket, Hotel & Travel Management as well as all side events and stadium hospitality productions.

The Challenge

A major sports event in circumstances of the unpredictable Corona pandemic in eleven different countries was definitely the biggest challenge of the project. Starting with the postponement in 2020, it was a huge project management effort to manage all stakeholders in more than 20 Volkswagen markets, the different venues, the UEFA and the Volkswagen HQ.  

Our task was to organise many project-parts within the Volkswagen right portfolio. Not only all 10,000 Volkswagen guests had to be managed, but also the coordination of more than 50 Official Matchball Carrier Kids and more than 300 Volkswagen accreditations were in our responsibility.  Another huge part was the execution of Volkswagen´s hospitality area for the final in Wembley.

Beside this operational tasks, SPORTFIVE integrated a brandnew digital guest journey including a personal digital on-site assistant based on a mobile wallet technology – The Volkswagen Guest ID. 

Our Solution

With the brandnew Volkswagen Guest ID App - the personal digital Volkswagen guest companion -  we solved the challenges mostly digitally. The following features were available in the Volkswagen Guest ID and were therefor a significant part of the unforgettable Guest journey: 

  • Collection of all event-related information 

  • Host City Guide 

  • Targeted content including VW related content 

  • Digital Ticket and Hotel Booking 

  • Last-Minute updates as push-messages 

By implementing above tools and functionalities, we were aiming to create a once in a lifetime experience for all Volkswagen guests, OMBC kids and accredited staff. 

I would like to thank you personally for taken so good care of my group. I received really great feedback from our guests. Everybody praised the great organisation.

Luis Silva – Volkswagen Portugal

The 4 pillars of our mission



Our staff is a group of experts, highly motivated and well trained people, who make a partnership like this possible.

As the EURO 2020 took place in so many different countries, our staff was spread thoughout all locations, so every part of the Volkswagen activation had his own dedicated manager on-site.


Guest ID

The Volkswagen Guest ID was the outcome of a great colaboration with our digital experts.

With this nice pun, the Volkswagen Guest ID App has completed the communication around Volkswagen’s new e-mobility family 


Guest journey

The Volkswagen Guest ID was a massive benefit for our guest journey. With a lot of features, the guests were able to get a summary of their whole experience plus additional personalized content around the turnament, the host cities and also Volkswagen.


The great final

Goosebumps are guaranteed: Final in Wembley!

SPORTFIVE had the honor to create the Volkswagen Hospitality area for the Final in Wembley. We executed a huge area, which gave the guests a once in a lifetime experience.


The involvement, openness, and proactivity our SPORTFIVE venue manager showed makes us grateful and happy that we had the honour to have him in our team. Petra Slavu – Volkswagen Romania

Petra Slavu – Volkswagen Romania

Due to the pandemic situation, we had to be very spontaneous and react to ever-changing circumstances. Thanks to the incredible team spirit in our project team, which was spread across several cities and teams, we were able to master all these challenges together with Volkswagen and UEFA.

Tim Jansen – Account Manager SPORTFIVE

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