KitKat® gives Twitch content creators a well-deserved break


In response to the growing mental workload of content creators, KitKat® entertains fans during breaks from their favorite streamers.

Although idolized by many fans, the job of content creator is fraught with pitfalls. With success comes the pressure of constant creation, and as soon as you take a break you lose views and followers. With this in mind, SPORTFIVE-BLRK came up with the unique Streamer Break operation for KitKat®, enabling streamers to take a break while entertaining their fans.


The race for content, commonly known as "content grind", poses a real problem for the mental health of content creators. In France in particular, burnout among our leaders of influence is becoming increasingly widespread, a theme evoked by Squeezie, McFly and Carlito, Mastu and many others...

La solution

The SPORTFIVE and BLRK teams started from the following premise: KitKat® has always known how to combine a break with pleasure, through its delicious chocolate confectionery. So how do you transform the chronic frustration of a content break into a moment of pleasure?

For a limited time, on the initiative of our teams, KitKat® came to liven up the breaks in the streams of Domingo, 1.7M followers on Twitch, a major influencer on the platform and creator of his most popular talkshow: "Popcorn".

From creative conception to execution, our team came up with a mini-game entirely dedicated to KitKat® to keep Domingo's fans entertained until his return. An authentic engagement tool: a video game, for gaming fans, that rewards the best players with a multitude of prizes that support their passion: game consoles, gift cards, headsets and more.

A win-win solution:

  • The content creator can take a well-deserved break without risking losing his audience.

  • Fans earn useful rewards, linked to their passion for video games.

  • KitKat®, as with its products, makes the break a moment of pleasure rather than a frustrating one.

  • SPORTFIVE & BLRK, through this support, bring real added value to all stakeholders: advertiser, influencer and fans.

At the initiative of our team, KitKat® wanted to extend this initiative to a group of major streamers on Twitch, becoming the only brand to support content creators when they're not streaming.

Once again focusing on the break, creators Katsuup, Nikoff, Henry Tran, Deujna and Xari had their Twitch banners "offline", "waiting" and "end of stream" dressed by KitKat®.

The brand also supported streamers' break even in their broadcast schedules, with every break day in their stream schedules mentioning the KitKat® "break".


The #KitKatStreamerBreak was a 3-month campaign. This was a first in terms of activation, designed both to respond to a problem encountered by our content creators and to maintain the commitment of fan communities through unprecedented operations. In fact, the mobile version of the mini-game achieved over 2M impressions and a record 55% engagement rate.


vues lives sur Twitch


views, 8,000 likes and 1,600 shares on X


players of the "KitKat® Streamer Break" game for 55,000 games

Lucy BONNETIER, KitKat® Brand Manager "KitKat® knows how important it is for each and every one of us to take breaks, which is why we're delighted to have launched the #KitKatStreamerBreak scheme and to be taking it one step further this year by partnering the flagship Popcorn live show in Montpellier. After several years of KitKat® presence in the gaming world, we're delighted to continue working with BLRK, with a team that has taken KitKat's DNA and its raison d'être, 'Have a Break, Have a KitKat', as the starting point for meaningful partnerships that enable us to give streamers a Break, as well as delight fans."

Antoine GOURLAY, Head of Gaming & Esport SPORTFIVE France "We're delighted to accompany an iconic brand like KitKat® in this dynamic and innovative universe. With a world-famous slogan advocating the benefits of "Break", we thought it would be very interesting to tackle the issue of streamers' mental fatigue by proposing an impactful campaign, the "KitKat® Streamer Break". The Sportfive BLRK teams redoubled their creativity to come up with this beautiful campaign, positioning KitKat® as the only partner for non-stretching streamers and making the brand a must-have in the gaming ecosystem".

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