Beyond football: The passionate partnership between Borussia Dortmund and Evonik

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Evonik is Borussia Dortmund’s main partner since 2006/2007.  Since then, two partners from the Ruhr region have forged an alliance of strength. The partnership has great charisma both nationally and internationally. After 12 years as BVB’s main & jersey sponsor, the national communication goals of EVONIK have been achieved. The new SPORTFIVE approach: a dual BVB main sponsorship with Evonik as Evonik as official Main Sponsor for the Cup Competitions and 1&1 as Official Bundesliga Main and Jersey Sponsor. 


In 2007, the German conglomerate RAG was restructured into the specialty chemicals company EVONIK INDUSTRIES. As the new B2B brand was almost unknown, it needed a significant awareness boost and a strong platform to build credibility in international markets.

The new company with the claim "Power for New Things" now had to be anchored and positioned in the consciousness of the press and the public. In addition, EVONIK wanted to position itself as a more emotional and likeable brand to existing and prospective employees. 

SPORTFIVE solution

BVB's main sponsorship helped Evonik achieve several goals:

  • Increasing brand awareness and sympathy 

  • Establishment of the brand nationally and internationally 

  • Commitment to the location as a source of identification 

The common goals and ambitions, the strong regional roots in the Ruhr region, and the international orientation form a strong basis for creating stories and telling them with wit and repartee.

Results of the BVB main sponsorship

Evonik's long-standing involvement with one of Germany's biggest soccer clubs has led to massive gains in brand awareness and likeability.


brand awareness total population in 2019 (29% in 2007)


brand sympathy in 2019 (29% in 2007)


brand awareness decision makers in 2019 (29% in 2007)

“The enthusiasm associated with the BVB helps us to reach people who would not normally come into contact with our industry.”

Dr. Klaus Engel, former CEO Evonik Industries

Beyond football: Impressions of the partnership between BVB & Evonik

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