UEFA EURO 2024™: The Most Sustainable European Championship

Sustainability is and will continue to be one of the most important issues of our time. It's an issue that transcends and shapes all industries, including the world's biggest sports tournaments, such as UEFA EURO 2024™. But what exactly does the sustainability strategy for UEFA EURO 2024™ entail and can the major event really become the most sustainable European Championship ever?

Starting on June 14, next year's UEFA EURO 2024™ will see 24 of Europe’s best teams compete over the course of a month, at ten venues across Germany. The tournament has had sustainability at its heart since the initial bid in 2018, which was further cemented through the sustainability strategy being presented earlier this year. "This is our chance to lead by example by hosting the tournament according to the highest sustainability standards," said Michele Uva, UEFA director of sustainability.

The strategy is based on three pillars: environmental, social and governance (ESG), and comprises eleven different action areas, which in turn cover 28 different topics. In total, 48 specific objectives are mentioned - covering a wide range of topics.

Environmental Protection With The Help of All Parties

The focus of the environmental pillar is to reduce the impact of UEFA EURO 2024™ on the environment. A climate fund will finance and promote various projects to offset the unavoidable emissions.

Both fans and teams are encouraged to play their part in making UEFA EURO 2024™ the most sustainable European Championships to date. Football teams are encouraged to avoid air travel and use buses and trains instead. The match schedule has been designed to minimise the need for travel and to encourage short journeys. In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, fans can purchase discounted tickets for long-distance travel.

Fans from other European countries travelling to Germany for the UEFA EURO 2024™ can obtain discounted interrail tickets. Ticket holders for UEFA EURO 2024™ matches can also use public transport in the respective host cities free of charge for 36 hours.

Other measures focus on energy, water and waste. For example, electricity consumption is to be reduced by shortening the use of non-essential lights in the stadiums. Waste is also to be minimised by offering package-free products and donating leftover food.

These measures will raise environmental awareness among all stakeholders - fans, athletes and staff - and implement a plan to reduce emissions.

For Social Responsibility and Health: The Social Pillar

The social pillar focuses on the protection of human rights as well as the importance of ensuring diversity and inclusion, health and well-being, and solidarity for all fans and teams.

Discrimination in all its forms will be prevented and tackled both in the stadiums and online through match observers, communication campaigns and ensuring accessibility for all fans in the stadiums. Staff will be trained in the values of inclusion and respect, and activities will be carried out during the European Championship, such as disabled football matches in fan zones. This will also raise awareness of the issue among fans.

In the interest of promoting health, stadium visitors, volunteers and staff will have access to healthy food options. In addition, sports activities will be offered around the stadiums and in the host cities for fans to participate in. This will further strengthen the connection with grassroots football and build on existing UEFA and DFB initiatives and foundations.

UEFA EURO 2024™ ambassador Célia Šašić said: "We want to enjoy great football, of course, but it is also important not to forget the people who are not in the spotlight. It's a great opportunity to highlight pressing issues such as sustainability and justice, to set new standards and motivate people."

Responsible Corporate Governance and Transparency: Governance in the ESG Strategy

In addition to the environmental and social measures for UEFA EURO 2024™, the third pillar of the ESG strategy focuses on governance. This pillar includes plans to promote responsible corporate governance and to use the enormous reach that this event offers for charitable purposes.

Thus, the organisation of the football tournament will not only act transparently, but also support fair supply chains. Sustainability is embedded in UEFA EURO 2024™ strategy as an integral part of the tournament organisation to ensure a sustainable and positive legacy. Finally, after the conclusion of the tournament, an ESG report and a study on the impact of this strategy will be published.

UEFA EURO 2024™ as a Forerunner for Future Sporting Events?

UEFA EURO 2024™'s ESG strategy includes environmental measures, social aspects and governance aspects. Emission reduction plans, financial support through a climate fund and cooperation to promote public transport can help minimise the carbon footprint of the European Football Championship. At the same time, measures related to participation, diversity and inclusion, accessibility and transparency will help to create a sustainable and positive legacy.

As with all major international sporting events, it is currently impossible to predict the actual impact of next year's tournament. But by using the enormous reach of UEFA EURO 2024™ to put sustainability front and centre, steps have already been taken to set new standards for future sporting events. In this way, fans and athletes, alongside federations and organisations, can play their part in ensuring a sustainable future for sport.

Experience UEFA EURO 2024™ in an Exceptional Environment

The upcoming UEFA EURO 2024™ promises to be an extraordinary and historic sporting event. After the unforgettable FIFA World Cup in 2006, Germany is ready for a second major football event.

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