Hospitality Packages in Sports - Your Ideal Tool to Build Customer Loyalty

Sport has the power to bring people together. It functions as a universal platform through which people of all different backgrounds can debate, grumble, celebrate, rejoice and most importantly unite

It is because of sport’s truly remarkable way of uniting people that the interest in sport stretches far further than just the passionate fans who fill the stadiums. 

Whether it’s politicians engaging in their community, tourists taking part in local rich heritage or businesspeople showcasing their organisation’s and country's culture, sport manages to tell stories in ways like few other platforms can. 

Hospitality Packages in sport offer the ideal stage for non-traditional sporting fans to, not only take part of the rich story that sport creates, but also to allow them to write their own chapter in sport and bond over the truly magical moments that only sport can create. 

In this feature, we take a deeper look into how Hospitality Packages in sports can build relationships and help businesses blossom. 

What are Hospitality Packages in sports?

Hospitality Packages in sports provide guests with exclusive experiences at the most iconic sporting events around the world. 

Whether you’re wanting to see golfing heroes like Jon Rahm tee-off or enjoy a NFL Germany Match of the Kansas City Chiefs in Autumn 2023, Hospitality Packages will provide unforgettable experiences of exclusivity.  

As well as providing guests with an unrivalled view of historic happenings from across the sporting sphere, Hospitality Packages take these experiences to a new level, with bespoke food, drink and entertainment, all designed to foster an experience that lives long in the memory for all. 

How Hospitality Packages can boost business

Although businesses vary greatly depending on what industry they operate in, who their customers are and what markets they target, the majority of businesses rely heavily on relationships between various people, both within and outside the organisation. 

Hospitality Packages function as an ideal tool to bolster the relationships that businesses depend on. Through investing time and money into these relationships, businesses signal the value of individuals to the organisation. 

In the case of clients, when businesses invest in time outside of a typical business setting, it allows them to gain a deeper understanding of who key decision-makers are, as well as what their business needs are. 

The Impact of Hospitality on Today’s Consumer

In a Nielsen Sport Survey, ‘The Impact of Hospitality on Today’s Consumer’, researchers found that a sports setting is the second most common setting for a corporate Hospitality event, behind only a corporate lunch or dinner. Experiencing historic moments together strengthens the relationships and shows that sport is a great environment to help foster longer-term relationships. 

As well as being an ideal environment to build relationships with clients, sports Hospitality settings also function as a great platform to boost business through employee satisfaction. Professional relationships between employees can grow through socialising outside of their working environment and aspects such as team work and inter-departmental collaboration can blossom.

Where business meets pleasure - Hospitality at UEFA EURO 2024™

The UEFA EURO 2024™ in Germany will see the return of Europe’s biggest football tournament and will see Germany host a major football tournament for the first time since FIFA World Cup in 2006. 

The tournament will give fans the opportunity to see the world's biggest stars battle it out at some of the most iconic football Stadiums in the world such as Olympiastadion Berlin, BVB Stadion Dortmund and Munich Football Arena.

Hospitality guests at UEFA EURO 2024™ will be able to enjoy the beautiful stadiums and mesmerising football from the best seats in exclusive Lounges and Skyboxes, with matchday entertainment, premium drinks, delicious dining experiences and unrivalled views. 

Did you know that SPORTFIVE is Exclusive Sales Agent in Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Spain and Hungary and Member of the 2024 Hospitality Experience AG Group, the Official UEFA EURO 2024™ Hospitality Provider? Learn more about the Hospitality Packages at the tournament.

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