VIP Tickets & Hospitality Offers - Only for celebrities?

There is a common misconception that VIP and Hospitality tickets are only for the super-rich and celebrities.

Although that might once have been the case, the world of sport, as well as hospitality experiences in sport, has evolved greatly in recent years.

As sport has become more and more accessible through global broadcasting, fans have come to expect more from the in-stadium experience. VIP and hospitality packages enable sports enthusiasts to develop an even more personal and intensive relationship with their favourite clubs, athletes or sport - allowing fans to join high net worth individuals and celebrities for a truly memorable experience.

The magic of the VIP experience

When it comes to igniting passion for sport, there are few things more powerful and effective than the live experience that comes from being amongst the action, by the race track, on the court or in the stadium.

VIP tickets and hospitality offers provide exactly that - an opportunity for fans to unleash their enthusiasm and passion for a sport in a way that goes far beyond "classic" spectating. The exclusive atmosphere and special experiences take the bond between fan and sport to an unprecedented level.

Beyond the match

A visit to the hospitality area of a stadium doesn't just offer an exciting sporting experience, but also an all-inclusive worry-free package. From travel and private parking, to high-quality catering and first-class service, as well as unique entertainment offers, hospitality experiences ensure that every moment becomes something truly special.

An unforgettable experience - for yourself, but also for friends and family with whom you can share the day. In addition, hospitality areas can also be a meeting point for fans. As in any other area of the stadium, you can find like-minded people who share a passion for sport - and enjoy it together in an exclusive atmosphere.

Exclusivity and prestige

Exclusive moments in hospitality areas create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you want to get exclusive behind the scenes insights into the world’s biggest sporting events or be in with the chance to introduce yourself to your idols at meet-and-greets and autograph sessions, VIP tickets are your go-to destination for exclusivity.

Access to very special offers or limited fan merchandise is also possible with a VIP ticket.

Special stories and memories

"Remember that time we watched our team win the cup in the Olympic Stadium?" - There are only a few times in our lives that sport delivers a moment that is so extraordinary that we all have to stop and take note. These moments are special for everyone involved, but there is something extra special about being there when it happened.

Getting tickets to these sort of events and experiences can be a painful task, but with VIP and hospitality tickets, you can ensure you witness history.

VIP experiences also elevate these moments to an even more emotional and memorable level that stick with friends and family for a lifetime.


VIP tickets and hospitality packages mark a new era in fan engagement by offering unique, emotional and exclusive experiences.

From getting an even more intense, emotional connection to the event to forging unforgettable memories, hospitality packages open up a world of sport that goes far beyond the traditional stadium experience. Find out for yourself: get involved in the fascination of the VIP experience in sport!

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