How can companies win new employees through sports marketing?

Millions of people see "you" on the jerseys, on the perimeter boards or in the fan shop; no matter whether in the stadium or in front of the TV at home. Sports marketing can be seen everywhere. But how does it help companies to attract new employees? We show what you as a company can do to make sports marketing work for you.

What exactly is sports marketing?

Sports sponsorship is a marketing strategy in which companies can become active in the field of sports and therefore support clubs, events, athletes or sports projects. This happens either financially, through a donation or by financing new equipment. Businesses use this kind of strategy to increase their brand awareness and boost their image. In 2022, 66.1 billion US dollars were invested in sports sponsorship worldwide and by 2030 this figure is expected to exceed 100 billion (Statista, 2023).

How sport can help companies in their efforts to attract new employees

Sports sponsorship is a helpful way for employers to catch the attention of employees. For example, if a football fan is watching the match of his favourite team and sees a certain company as a jersey sponsor, he is likely to ask himself what kind of company it is exactly - and if the fan still finds the company interesting after the research, he might apply to the company.

If the fan then thinks of his potential employer, he may also think of his favourite team at the same time. Among other things, this ensures that the employee immediately feels a closer bond with the company. Therefore, sports sponsorship plays an important role in employer attractiveness.

How can I as an employer retain my employees?

Many employees not only want to work for money, but also enjoy more benefits in their everyday working life. In recent years, working from home has proven to be a popular way to keep employees loyal. But as the form of digital working has become almost commonplace, employers also need to consider other employee benefits.

In the sports sector, this could be a stadium visit or jerseys as a Christmas gift. For employers, this means that they need, for example, a VIP box for the company or other ways to ensure a stadium visit for its employees.

Bonuses for staff

Trips and events can be incentives for employees to motivate them. The goals of such bonuses vary and range from profit maximisation to employee motivation and team building.

Companies hope that these measures will have a positive impact on their corporate image. For employees, it is a great experience to see their favourite athletes up close or to follow their favourite club at major sporting events. Seeing sport stars at an event can also be used as a marketing campaign to attract new employees. A successful event thrives on a special ambience and an imaginative design to ensure that customers or employees have an unforgettable stay.

Next year, Germany will host the European Football Championship. This event is the ideal occasion for employers to give something back to their employees. Since the games of the European Championship take place in ten different cities, it is possible to go to the stadiums from different locations and watch the games from there. It doesn't have to be a stadium visit with the whole company, it can simply be an after-work event where colleagues watch football and enjoy the evening together.

How can the company use sports marketing successfully?

First of all, the company should have a good brand fit with the partner. For example, a brand for football boots fits perfectly with a football club or a footballer.

In today's world, ethical and sustainable values are also very important. By sponsoring sporting events, companies can draw attention to their sustainability efforts and even do some good in the process.

But sponsoring local sporting events also offers companies an effective way to make a brand more tangible with a small budget. So it doesn't necessarily have to be the big events like the Olympics or the World Cup.

Companies should remember that sports sponsorship has a much stronger power when it happens in combination with classic advertising, PR measures, social media campaigns or influencer marketing. About half of the people who watch sports on TV or stream are active on a second screen at the same time, and about a third of them are on social media.

Sports sponsorship is a strategy where companies find entry into the sports sector to increase their visibility. This not only helps in customer acquisition, but also in attracting and retaining employees. The key to success therefore lies in suitable partnerships and a meaningful embedding in the overall marketing strategy.

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