Using Hospitality Programs at sporting events to support sales targets

In today's highly competitive business world, building and maintaining strong relationships with customers is essential for long-term success. What used to be pens and note pads are now invitations to sporting events. While there are many ways to connect with customers, invitations to sporting events in the business Hospitality sector have become a popular and effective way to foster these relationships.

The benefits of hosting customers at sporting events extend beyond providing an entertaining and exciting event. By organising such events, the hosting company can also benefit from it. As sporting events provide a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Below, we will provide insights into the business of using Hospitality Programs at sporting events to support sales targets.

How Sporting Events Provide Networking Opportunities for Businesses

Admittedly, invitations to sporting events are nothing new and have enjoyed great popularity for many years. When else do you have the chance to watch a match in a private suite of a football stadium or to meet your clients in a sporting atmosphere?

Hospitality Packages include numerous components that make the match and sports experience unforgettable. They are therefore a popular instrument for image and contact cultivation, as well as a suitable means of communication for companies and a continually tested measure for achieving sales targets.


users is the expected amount of users in the Sports Events segment by 2027.


of hosts find invitations to Hospitality Areas in sporting events helpful for building business relationships.


US dollars is the expected market value of The Global Sports Hospitality Market by 2027.

It is not only the relaxed, sporting and exclusive atmosphere that connects - the passion for sport also plays a major role in why Hospitality Packages are successful. Feeling the excitement for one's favorite team connects and creates a casual setting in which business talks are possible. 

As well as creating a positive environment, Hospitality Packages at sporting events have also delivered business success. In a survey, 73% of hosts said that invitations to Hospitality areas at sports events are helpful in developing new business relationships. Also, existing contacts are maintained and can help to expand the professional network.

Building Trust and Connections: The Benefits of Hosting Corporate Events in Sporting Environments

Sporting events in a special environment also offer the opportunity to present a new side of a company and allow the guest to feel better connected with each other. The necessary trust can be built and created.

It is therefore not surprising why companies are increasingly turning to Hospitality Programs in the sports sector. Hospitality offers an all-round profitable and extraordinary experience which aims to turn connections into relationships and sales targets to successes.

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