Hospitality Sales for IHF 2023 Men’s World Championship

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Driving sport emotions through hospitality experience!

It is crucial in the business environment to build strong and long-lasting relationships with stakeholders – both external and internal ones. 

Furthermore, a need to stand out from the others becomes even more urgent, therefore businesses should look for innovative marketing tools to deliver a great experience and be effective in building new connections, cementing existing ones and building loyalty towards a brand. 

Hospitality is the answer! 

An informal atmosphere, different to the one usually seen in the office, enhanced by a selection of food and drinks and exciting sporting attractions could be a great environment to discuss business opportunities and build relationships with a guest – not only with regards to professional matters but also to personal life and interests. 

When hospitality is considered, it is not only about the clients or business partners – it is also about the key staff of the company! 

Providing a VIP experience for employees can increase their motivation and trust that they put into the company as an employer. Moreover, it can be considered as a vital factor in employer branding activities, what can be beneficial in the long term, including greater talent joining the team.

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Hospitality experiences work!

And that is indeed the most important takeaway. According to the in-house “From Host to Guest” survey, 72% of respondents stated that relationships built in the hospitality areas led to joint projects or further cooperation. What is more, over 85% believed that hospitality helps to enhance the image of the company.

The next opportunity is around the corner!

As the IHF's global and exclusive partner for all advertising and media rights, SPORTFIVE is pleased to partner with the Polish Handball Federation to be the Official Partner for the sale of Hospitality Club Packages for the 2023 Men's Handball World Championship matches, taking place in Poland from January 11-29.


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