Special Olympics: Berlin glows in purple!

That was the Special Olympics World Games 2023

In addition to a great opening ceremony, a successful closing ceremony and outstanding sporting performances, the Special Olympics World Games 2023 stood out above all for one thing: togetherness instead of being inflexible and against one another. In a world often characterised by competition and pressure to perform, this year's Special Olympics World Games in Berlin shone as a bright example of humanity and inclusion. True to this year's motto: #TogetherUnbeatable.

Athletes who conquer hearts and break boundaries

The Special Olympics World Games 2023 are in the books and have proven to be a historic sporting event of tremendous significance. As the largest inclusive sporting event in the world, they represent a turning point and set new standards for promoting inclusion and recognising athletes with intellectual disabilities. Likewise, this year's Special Olympics World Games in Berlin were the largest multi-sport event in Germany since the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. A remarkable achievement that underlines Germany's commitment to promote inclusive sporting events and break down barriers.

More than 6,500 athletes from over 190 countries competed in 28 disciplines, demonstrating through enthusiasm and ambition that sport is a universal language that knows no borders. However, the Special Olympics World Games 2023 are more than just a sporting event. They are a platform for tolerance, respect and inclusion that appeals to a wide range of people. Over 50,000 spectators attended the opening ceremony in the Olympic Stadium. A large number of volunteers also supported this year's Special Olympics World Games 2023. Due to the participation of various companies in the affiliated volunteer programme, more than 18,000 helpers were able to be brought in.


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Stronger together: The volunteers' role at the Special Olympics World Games 2023

The dedicated volunteers took on a variety of tasks. From supporting the athletes to logistics and medical assistance, many helping hands provided support. In this way, the volunteer work as a whole at the Special Olympics contributes to the smooth running of the event and they gather countless positive and special impressions.

Some SPORTFIVE employees also took part in the Special Olympics World Games 2023 as volunteers. They described an unforgettable experience to which they were able to contribute. At this year's event, they were able to gain valuable experience and meet new people. Volunteers at the Special Olympics World Games generally bring enthusiasm, compassion and empathy to the Games and inspire others to get involved as well.

A significant collaboration

The collaboration between SPORTFIVE and the Special Olympics has been an enriching and inspiring experience on both sides. Through the collaboration, the long-standing expertise could be used to implement partnerships, find sponsors, promote the event and raise awareness for the Special Olympics World Games 2023. The SPORTFIVE mission #VictoryForAll could be realised in a very special way through the cooperation with this year's event. Sport offers a unique platform to break down barriers, strengthen communities and change people's lives - and that is exactly what the Special Olympics embody.

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