Benefits for all: The new end-to-end hospitality platform

The ticket for the box still needs to be printed out quickly, the parking ticket has disappeared somewhere in the bag and where exactly do you actually have to go in the stadium?

Everyday chaos for VIP customers in the boxes of soccer clubs, but soon to be a thing of the past. SPORTFIVE has developed an end-to-end hospitality platform that guarantees a holistic and digital customer journey - with numerous benefits for the VIP guest and the rights holder.

The focus is particularly on customer benefits - from the agency's point of view, this is the benefit for clubs and rights holders, and from the club's point of view, the benefit for VIP customers. From information about the offer and the purchase of tickets, to customer support after the match - the platform makes it possible to map a holistic journey. There are several product concepts that go hand in hand and represent a modular concept. This allows rights holders to tailor the platform precisely to their own needs and those of the fan.

Hospitality at our rights holders - a very special experience

Upgraded: Official VIP 2.0

The VIP ticket store has been upgraded - and now shines in new splendor. Official VIP is based on the Spryker store system and is a central component within the end-to-end hospitality platform. But not only the design has been revised: For rights holders, there is now an integrated sales agent portal through which individual sales links can be created. The transaction data can then be transferred to the CRM system the club is using to ensure optimal processing and to be able to use the generated leads. Official VIP thus forms the basis for being able to offer rights holders a complete after-sales solution - and to provide customers with the best possible experience.

The next step

The After Sales Platform

In addition to the new end-to-end hospitality platform, there is now also an after-sales solution for rights holders, which, among other things, is intended to simplify the lives of both VIP guests and clubs with an app. Find out more about the new era of hospitality management!

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