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Germany's most popular football brand

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BVB interested in Germany

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Germans interested in Women's football

A true people's club

Borussia Dortmund is the No.1 popular club in Germany with the highest average attendance in world football – over 80,000 fans provide the atmosphere at Signal Iduna Park, above all the iconic yellow wall.

BVB has always been a "people's club" - with fans that stand by their club no matter what. Founded in the Ruhr region in 1909, the club has gone on to international triumph from there. It is this special down-to-earthness with its origins in the former industrial city of Dortmund that, coupled with the unique emotions, make the BVB experience so unique and attract fans worldwide.

"Borussia Dortmund unites generations, men and women, all nations."

Excerpt from a BVB club song

Become part of a success story

Use your chance for individual storytelling! In 2021, BVB has finally launched its first ever women’s football team, building on an approach that is second to none in European football. Staying true to their values, BVB has opted against acquiring the license of an already established women's football club. Instead, the've decided to develop women’s football at BVB organically, by kicking off in the lowest league and progressing through to the European women’s football elite by 2027, the year in which the FIFA Women’s World Cup will be kicked-off at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK in Dortmund.

What a great opportunity for a strong partner to power this dream from an early stage and become part of this success story!

Your chance as a partner of the BVB women

Meet your objectives through impactful storytelling powered by the BVB brand appeal

  • Highly relevant to society: Women‘s football is enjoying an immense growth in relevance and attention around the world. For brands, sports represents the perfect opportunity to position themselves on the relevant social issues of gender equality and diversity.

  • Second to none in the global landscape of football: Borussia Dortmund is not only one of Europe‘s leading football clubs, but also world renowned for its unique fan culture and long tradition.

  • Benefit from the unique storytelling platform as partner of BVB women‘s team as well as from a shifting brand perception in existing and new target groups. Let's get creative and drive true impact together.

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BVB's vision for the women's team

Final promotion to Bundesliga in 2027

Benefit from authentic storytelling through the club and players

Promote your brand values

Branded video ads and presenting

Individual photo shooting

PR appointments & production of short videos

Drive brand awareness through year-round exposure

  • BVB Channels

    BVB social media main channels (53M followers), especially Instagram (16,5M), Instagram channel BVB Women‘s football, Digital club media (app, website), Club member magazine „Borussia“

  • Media and Publishers

    High media attention for BVB‘s approach and the progress (e.g. Kicker, Spiegel, Sport1), Leading TV channels produce documentaries (e.g. ARD, Sky)

  • During all matches

    For matchday visitors and for all games on Twitch, incl. live broadcast

Key benefits

Shift brand perception and awareness by making a statement in women's football

  • Predominant topic in the sports industry: Women‘s football enables brands to position themselves on socially relevant issues through creative and authentic storytelling

  • Early adopter: Early establishment in one of the world's fastest-growing sports, which is associated with a positive image and attracts a progressive target group

  • Significant impact: Partners have a strong influence on the development of women‘s football, which is why these brands are perceived as more relevant and accountable

  • Powerful BVB brand: Association with Germany's most popular football brand and its unique approach to women‘s football. Additionally, exploitation of the high reach in all target groups (B2C & B2B) and the massive storytelling potential for various communication objectives.

SPORTFIVE - your contact for a BVB partnership

SPORTFIVE has been at BVB's side since 1999. The global sports marketing agency has not only accompanied the club on its triumphal march around the world since then, but has - through excellent marketing - also played an important part in this success.

Whether you are interested in a partnership with BVB or with the BVB women - SPORTFIVE is your go-to partner.

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